Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

105. Golden flower

At one of my uncles' birthday party I used the golden paper wrapped around a beer bottle's neck to make this flower (which basically remained in shape because of my fingers holding it):

104. Snow-flower #4: Drawing on snow

This flower I drew into the freshly fallen snow on my mother's balcony:

103. Lemon peel

Last week I made my first own orange-lemon-jelly =) From my work not only several glasses of jelly arose, but also this flower:

If you also would like to have a try at making sweet orange-lemon jelly you can use this easy recipe:

Sweet orange-lemon jelly:
750ml fresh orange and lemon juice.*
500g jam sugar (2:1)

*The amount of lemon juice depends on how sweet resp. sour you want your jelly to be - my ratio was about 4 (orange) : 1 (lemon).

Peel some lemons and oranges with a zester. If you don't have one (like me) use a peeler (peel off only the outer peel, not the white one) and cut the peel into thin strips.
Then cook the peel for about 10 min in plenty of water. Pour away the water afterwards and keep the peel.

Mix the cold juice with the jam suger and heat it (in a large pot!!) until it's boiling (while constantly stirring). Keep it boiling for 4 min, stirring constantly.

Fill the jelly into a boiled out jelly glass, put some of the peel into it, close the glass and turn it upside down. If you repeat turning the glasses once in a while, that helps the peel to spread equally.

If you want the jelly to become bitter, you only have to cook the peel with the juice (and not in advance). Like that you can also decide how bitter you want it to become.

You can also try to add other flavours. For example, I added some elderflower (Holunderblüten) syrup to half of the juice. And I think, that coconut syrup would taste delicious, too.

102. Eisblumen

Last week I visited my mum and there I finally found something I had searched for the whole winter: A frosted window (in Germany we use the term Eisblumen - ice flowers). I had even thought about how I could "make" one on my own, but then I found those beautiful flowers on the front window of my mother's car:

101. Wax

Back in Germany I spent a really nice noon with some friends, from which resulted these flowers, carved into warm wax (from the leftovers of my Christmas wreath candles):

100. Snow-flower #3D

And another snow flower, this time a plastic one (not as easy to make as expected):

This one I made during a short walk through the amazing winter lanscape of the French Alps.

99. Snow-flower #2: Finger-flower

Another snow-flower, this time made with my hands: